Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Manual

Introducing Our Emergency Preparedness Service

If the last 20 years has taught us anything, we have learned the importance of being prepared in the event of an unforeseen emergency. Mega-Tech Services has the experience and expertise to determine possible emergencies unique to your area or industry. We use this expertise and experience to create a list of emergency scenarios as well as develop and implement plans/procedures to address them. Finally, we create drills and walk our clients through them to assure everyone they are properly trained and prepared to follow through on the procedures necessary to reduce the fallout from a critical emergency. We pride ourselves on this critical, life-saving service.

Here Are Some of Our Services

Review/develop State/County Emergency Management Plans and procedures;
Prepar­ation/review of community, healthcare facility, school, college and industry emergency management plans and procedures;
Development and execution of emergency management/training programs; and
Exercise and drill scenario development, observation and critique of drill participant performance.


We offer the nuclear industry a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team with demonstrated skills in engineering design/analysis, project planning/management, technical support, physical plant security, risk management, health physics, and cost estimating and vendor evaluation.