Our Projects

  • NASA - Plum Brook Plant

    As members of the Non-Advocate Review Board, Mega-Tech personnel provided an independent cost estimate, schedule and risk assessment for decommissioning the NASA/Plumbrook reactor.
    NASA - Plum Brook Plant
  • Nuclear Barge STURGIS

    Performed activation analysis of reactor vessel nuclide inventory, performed radiological characterization and prepared decommissioning/disposal plans for Nuclear Barge Sturgis. Prepared initial decommissioning cost estimate and schedule.
    Nuclear Barge Project
  • La Crosse BWR Plant Decommissioning

    Analyzed (using ORIGEN computer code) nuclide activation levels of reactor pressure vessel and internals to determine waste classification for decommissioning and ultimate disposal planning.
    La Crosse BWR Plant Decommissioning
  • Russian Submarine Decommissioning

    An initial deployment of cutting and shearing equipment is planned under AMEC Project 1.3 as a pilot demonstration (9) preceding the actual deployment of the MPF.  This provides an opportunity for Russian shipyard workers to develop first hand experience using t
    Russian Submarine Decommissioning


We offer the nuclear industry a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team with demonstrated skills in engineering design/analysis, project planning/management, technical support, physical plant security, risk management, health physics, and cost estimating and vendor evaluation.