Nuclear Power Plant in Cattenom


For over 20 years, Mega-Tech Services, LLC, a woman-owned small business, has had strong roots and ties in the utility and federal decommissioning services, waste management, and spent fuel management

Mega-Tech Services, LLC supplies a complete line of high pressure hydraulic cutting tools for the removal of piping and structural steel components. In addition Mega-Tech offers professional support staffing services for short or long term engineering projects. Our management and senior technical team is a diverse group of professionals ready to assist you at all levels in evaluating your project concerns.


Mega-Tech Services, LLC has a complete line of cutting tools, designed for safe, chipless, smokeless pipe and structural metal shape cutting that will satisfy your industrial maintenance including chemical and nuclear decommissioning project needs.

We offer highly productive metal cutting and volume reduction tools and support equipment that can be operated manually, remotely, or underwater. Mega-Tech can alter our standard tool designs and develop and build project specific support equipment to make the tools work more efficiently.


We offer the nuclear industry a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team with demonstrated skills in engineering design/analysis, project planning/management, technical support, physical plant security, risk management, health physics, and cost estimating and vendor evaluation.