MT-2 Guillotine Cutter

MT-2 Guillotine Cutter

Tool Description:

Based on experience from Puget Sound Navy Shipyard, the BPC-2.5 and BPC-4HD have been phased out and replaced by the MT-2.

Mega Tech Services, LLC has made significant design-tooling upgrades with the outcome being one guillotine style of cutting tool designated the MT-2.  The MT-2 replaces the previous models that were called the BPC-2.5 and BPC-4HD.  The significant upgrades were designed to improve the service life of the cutting tool based on field operation experiences.  From an overall size perspective, the outline of the MT-2 is similar to the BPC-2.5 but has more overall power than the BPC-4HD (improved cutting capability).  It is important to note that the MT-2 weighs approximately 12 pounds less than the BPC-4HD. 

Power120V AC
Type of WorkNuclear Safety


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