MT-SC-3 Scissor Cutter

MT-SC-3 Scissor Cutter

Tool Description:

Mega-Tech Services, LLC is also completing the development of a new scissor cutter.  This cutter is also based on feedback from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.  During several discussions, they have stated that they need a relatively lightweight high-powered scissor cutter.  Based on the feedback from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, a scissor cutter similar to the Beast 600NV-4 Pin, weighing in at approximately 52 pounds, is too heavy to transport and use onboard the confined spaces found on ships/vessels during dismantling activities.  Using this feedback, Mega-Tech Services, LLC designed/fabricated the MT-SC-3.  The MT-SC-3 has similar or very slightly less cutting capability of the Beast 600NV-4 Pin but weighs over 25 pounds less.

Power120V AC
Type of WorkNuclear Safety


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