Nuclear Mini-Cutter 2

Nuclear Mini-Cutter 2

Tool Description:

This tool can handle up to 4 inch schedule 40 carbon steel pipe (with modification can cut stainless steel at that size). The weight is approximately 39 pounds. This tool can be delivered with either a valve-on-cylinder thumb actuated operator valve, the same hydraulic valve mounted in -line, or with an electrical control box and solenoid system. The BPC-4 HD can be mounted on a remote arm but it must be provided with a 10,000 PSIG Hydraulic system. In remote arm applications the on-board nominally 4,000 PSIG systems can used if a 10,000 PSIG pump is used.

The BPC-This tool can handle up to 3-inch schedule 40 stainless steel pipe. The weight is approximately 39 pounds. Operation of the tool can be either a thumb actuated valve-on-cylinder or a Manual Shift Remote Control Valve mounted in -line. The BPC 4HD can be mounted on a remote arm.

The BPC 4HD can be operated remotely in borated or non-borated water for extended periods of time without maintenance. BPC-4’s have been used widely in tight access in-tank radioactive environments.

Item Weight22 lbs (10 kg)
Power120V AC
Type of WorkNuclear Safety
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